Our Conductor

Dave Babbitt



Meet Mr. Dave Babbitt, whose love for music and the community is always the inspiration of his leadership within the Wallaceburg Concert Band.
Retiring as the music teacher from W.D.S.S., he brings with him a wealth of experience, and a passion to rekindle a love of music in the community.


On July 17, 2017, Dave was found on a Cogeco TV Chatham Facebook post.  The post read, “Chatham-Kent Council recognizes the Molson Great Canadian Nominees who have made strong contributions to their local communities. Thank you for all your hard work for Chatham-Kent.”
Thank you Dave, for your continued contribution to our Wallaceburg community, with leading our newly formed Wallaceburg Concert Band.

The Wallaceburg Courier Press and the Chatham Daily News promotes –

The launch of the Wallaceburg Concert Band!

Celebration held at W.D.S.S. June 2015 –

to celebrate Dave’s long-time music commitment to their school and community.

You can read all about it in the Wallaceburg Courier Press and the Sydenham Current.